LiveSTRONG 2010 With A Taste Of Yellow

This one is for Barbara of  Winos and Foodies.  Who is surviving with such grace.  If you haven’t already seen her blog check it out here.

The challenge was to make something with food, that’s yellow.  I was ready.   Several recipes ready to go.   And a cheat, just in case I was pressed for time.  I had tried several recipes and taken cell phone pictures that weren’t too bad.

And then Barbara announced this years challenge. The 2010 LiveSTRONG With A Taste Of Yellow – Heart Series. With.  Hearts.  Wait.  I don’t have any thing hearts except the cookie press.  And my oven just isn’t working well enough to do cookies.  Every store I went to, the response was something about heart shaped stuff comes in around Valentines day.  My brain just kinda went a bit funny.  I could pipe cookies, or decorations.  It would have been fine.  Really.  But in honor of Barbara and all the cancer survivors I decided to cook a few other dishes.

So I’ll post this one.  Courgette Risotto.  In a heart shape.  For courage.

risotto with courgette and flowers in patty pan

Courgette Risotto

Heart shaped courgette risotto with flowers and sauteed heart cutouts

Heart shaped courgette risotto


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