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Happy Day!

AnnieCat on snooze mode

Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday and Peace to everyone.

Charlene Butterbean looks so happy and hopeful in her Christmas Greetings picture!

Albert and Elvis are getting so lanky and looking so fluffy and sweet.  I am sure they would have enjoyed going on an adventure to visit Cori’s mom and family.  But the weather didn’t allow it.

It seems like Agnes and Henry are all grown up but I know they aren’t.  Still enjoying kittenhood. Such a clever pair, and so stunning in their holiday collars.

It is good to know that Virgil is doing well, his neighbors Matt and Richard have kept up on his family.  Seems he wants to play with his older “brother” who isn’t the least bit interested. I’ve been through this one. Evelyn has lots of pictures but can’t get cooperation from (insert whatever isn’t playing together here) on getting them onto her blog.  Also been there, that’s why I switched to WordPress.  So I am not the only one being challenged by blogger.

Thank you to Richard and Matt for sharing the wonderful pictures of Renatta, Rosalie and Phyllis. And the absolutely hysterical video! And notes about Evelyn, Virgil and Leo.

Karen, Hester and Enid get special thanks.  Hester and Enid are so active! And my anecdote of Naji the wonder cat who could get 3 of his legs caught into any collar I tried to put on him in less than 2 seconds Blogger ate. Karen–dog chew toys,  Anniecat still has lots of Dr. Noy dog toys.  They have a pocket for a squeeker, which Anniecat really likes, and I can put catnip in them. She never outgrew trying to liberate any kind of bead or bauble from anything she could reach. Did outgrow trying to liberate all buttons.  Still occasionally tries to chew on electrical cords.  I used to put a few drops of ivory dish washing soap on my fingers and very thinly wipe the cords.  Probably something better to use but that’s what I used.

I have been trying to comment on several of the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee forever homes blogs but can’t get Blogger to show me an image to verify (captcha) One blog has been eating my comments for a week now.


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